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Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

Watched a news show about the Vermont Country Store, they claim they are the purveyors of hard to find, unique and practical items. I do like the Tired Old Ass Soak. Oh look it comes with practical advice, hahah.

Tired Old Ass Soak perks you up again in a way that is no joke. If you're too pressed for time to take a bath, take a footbath-or quit your job. Life is too short to be worn out.

They also have Aging Hippie Bath Oil. I love it. Where was this place when I was Christmas shopping. Wouldn't it be cool to give your boss some Tired Old Ass Soak.

I had the best cocktail I ever had in my life at Aria the other night. It was an egg nog white russian. It was awesome. It was eggnog, Kaluha and Vodka, yum. They also had a gingerbread and a pumpkin cocktail but I didn't try those, I need to find them earlier next year. I am going to miss egg nog. Why can't everyday be Christmas? I'm going to find some other fun cocktails like these to fill the void. Maybe a trip to the Kit Kat Lounge is in order. They have awesome martinis there.


  • At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    OK, Paula, I love Aria, and it is a hot spot. Especially with me there...just kidding. Well, not really. Anyway, I am up for drinks there...great cosmos and those new ones sound good too. I will definitely need a designated driver, though, so need to figure that out. Also up for Kit Kat. But still need the designated, that's the ONLY problem - yup, even after the taxi.
    Tall Karen

  • At 6:24 PM, Anonymous pattiinontario said…

    Tired Old A$$ Soak.....too funny
    Never had a martini will have to try one someday,Did have a cosmo for the first time a short time back and have to say I enjoyed them alot.


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