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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Good to be back

I'm so glad to be back. New York was amazing even though I got so sick that I had to stay an extra day just to lay around the hotel room. One of my favorite things in New York is Central Park. We have nice parks in Chicago but nothing like this park. It's huge!

On our first day we had dinner at Tavern on the Green which just happens to be inside the park. We ate in the outdoor section which was very cool with all the lanterns hanging overhead.

I didn't really think that New York would wow me all that much, I thought it would be cool, I mean I live in the heart of downtown Chicago for God's sake. I have to say after visiting New York, especially Times Square, Chicago feels like a small town to me. Times Square is a complete assault on the senses. I've never seen more neon, more signs, more people and more activity in my life, and I spend alot of time in Las Vegas. There is nothing like Times Square, the pictures you've seen don't do it justice.

We took in a Broadway show, Lennon the Musical. It was wonderful, a very well done tribute to a musical genius.

One of the coolest things I did in New York was go to the top of the Empire State Building. The view was fabulous. I did the audio tour which was well worth the $6.

There was so much more I wanted to do in New York, but I was getting a bad case of the flu and my traveling partner didn't think that the day started until the clock said pm. I didn't get to go to Serendipity, and I'm bitter about it, but I'll get over it. I would not have gotten over it if I didn't get to visit Strawberry Fields, a section of Central Park dedicated to the memory of John Lennon. This is a mosaic piece in the walkway just inside the park at 72nd St, across from where John Lennon lived and died.

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What I learned in New York:
1) Not everyone is a good traveling companion.
2) If there is a guy in Times Square trying to push a comedy club it's because they can't get people to come to their comedy club.
3) Not everyone is a good traveling companion, but I'm not bitter.

Side notes.
This is interesting. This tells me that not everyone is a fan, it also tells me that the next season will be in Key West. Sooner or later I'm going to have to get up enough nerve to play in a tournament. Woohoo Jennifer.


  • At 9:32 AM, Blogger Vince said…

    That top pic is GORGEOUS. Doesn't even look real!

  • At 5:37 AM, Anonymous Kristin said…

    Yes, Paula, that top pic IS stunning. And ya gotta love that Rapex. OUCH!!

  • At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Terrill said…

    Hey girl,, did you eat at any of the fabulous sidewalk gyro stands? They do have some amazing food!!! Central Park during the day is a blast.. at night most of the carriage driver's have "weapons" sitting beside them.. Sorry you got sick.. that really is a terrible way to end a trip.. I do understand your comment that not all travel partners are good!!! I've got some stories we could swap sometime in Vegas with you!!! See you in December.

  • At 6:15 PM, Anonymous patti in ontario said…

    wonderful times & great pics as usual Paula
    I'm glad u already told me I was a good travelling companion or I would be getting a
    See u soon and don't forget your camera as u r going to get some awesome kodak moments :)
    Glad u r back and starting to feel better.

  • At 5:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Paula, from someone who used to be in NYC a lot, yes, it is a FABULOUS town, and they didn't call it Sex In the City for no good time you want to go, let me know - I am in! It has been a really long time since I have been there - time to make that different. I love the view of the city skyline! But you know me: I like to dance, so some of the those dance clubs seem to be calling my name! Central Park - watch out! Tall Karen


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