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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I feel like Bob Uecker

This past weekend was Venetian Night in Chicago. Venetian night is modeled after an aquatic festival in Venice, maybe this one, I'm not sure, because it's really more like this. We stopped off at the bar downstairs to have a pre-show cocktail and to see Kristen, my favorite bartender in the world. The place was dead, we had our own personal bartender, only it wasn't Kristen, it was Lisa, she was nice too. They invited us to come enjoy the fireworks from a special section outside the restaurant, which was a nice offer, but I wanted to be part of the action. They said there was supposed to be half a million people on Chicago's lake front. I don't doubt that one bit. See there is wall to wall people. It was very exciting, and not aggravating because I got to walk there instead of being stuck in traffic like my friend Tall Karen. She waited till about 7pm to come down and parked too far away and sadly, never met up with us.

So this is finally where we parked ourselves. I thought it was a good spot, I can see the water where the boat parade will be. We had some preshow entertainment, the kids in front of us were showing me a lady bug they found.

But when the show started, everyone stood up and basically this is what you saw, the top of boat going by, inbetween a bunch of heads.

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It was really a beautiful night, the weather was good and we stopped at the store before hand and picked up some little bottles of wine and we ended up having the best view of the fireworks.

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Next year, I will get there early to get a front row seat.


  • At 6:28 PM, Anonymous patti in ontario said…

    bet u do get the front row next year :)
    looks like u had another great time!!

  • At 4:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry I missed hooking up with you, Paula, on Venetian night! Although I think I had the better view from Navy Pier...
    Tall Karen


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