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Friday, August 26, 2005

Back for a minute

Just got back from Vegas on Sunday, I was home one day and then I was off to Winston Salem, North Carolina. Although a business trip, it was a fun one, my boss and I took in The 40 Year Old Virgin. It was pretty funny, better than I expected it to be, even Roger Ebert liked it. I'm home today and tomorrow I'm off to New York City. That's alot of flying for someone who doesn't like it.

Vegas was very fun as ususal, but my room at the Wynn was anything but usual. Just to set the mood, here it the view looking into the Ferrari Store at Wynn.

Without even asking for anything special I ended up scoring a corner room on the 25th floor with a strip view. Being a corner room there was 2 walls with floor to ceiling windows.

The bathroom was pretty cool, soaker tub with a great view of the TV. Lemongrass scented lotion, shampoo and shower gel along with extras like robes, slippers, bathroom scale, very nice.

The view from the room was fabulous both day and night.

The pool was beautiful too, they had cabanas all along the sides for rent on a weekday for $250 per day. That was a little out of my league.

They had a European Style Pool there, that means topless sunbathing is allowed, but do you really think the models are hanging out there?

Of course the best thing about this room is that it was free.
See ya after New York.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Well its vacation time again. I'm off for a week of fun in Sin City! A full week comped, two days at a time...I'll be moving around alot!

Last weekend, I went to see my denitst play at the Beer Garden at Navy Pier. He plays guitar for the Pie.

It was such a beautiful day out. The margaritas where not very good there but it was still a fun time and the music was good. After the band we decided to go on the ferris wheel. This is just about my speed, it goes around once real slow and then they kick you off.

The view is fantastic from up there. Last year I went up there with my friend Patti from Ontario during the air show just as the Blue Angels were going by. They buzzed our car it was great.

Couple of my friends were a little more daring, have I mentioned that I'm a big chicken? Laura and Linda went on this ride, doesn't it look fun? NOT!

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See ya all in a week or so with pics inside the Wynn hotel rooms!

But first, just a few odd items.
When this guy gets lost he really gets lost. It's good to have goals in life but maybe aim a little higher. Why would anyone besides a vampire do this? Uh, there must be 50 ways to leave your lover, is this one of them? That is what they all say.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I feel like Bob Uecker

This past weekend was Venetian Night in Chicago. Venetian night is modeled after an aquatic festival in Venice, maybe this one, I'm not sure, because it's really more like this. We stopped off at the bar downstairs to have a pre-show cocktail and to see Kristen, my favorite bartender in the world. The place was dead, we had our own personal bartender, only it wasn't Kristen, it was Lisa, she was nice too. They invited us to come enjoy the fireworks from a special section outside the restaurant, which was a nice offer, but I wanted to be part of the action. They said there was supposed to be half a million people on Chicago's lake front. I don't doubt that one bit. See there is wall to wall people. It was very exciting, and not aggravating because I got to walk there instead of being stuck in traffic like my friend Tall Karen. She waited till about 7pm to come down and parked too far away and sadly, never met up with us.

So this is finally where we parked ourselves. I thought it was a good spot, I can see the water where the boat parade will be. We had some preshow entertainment, the kids in front of us were showing me a lady bug they found.

But when the show started, everyone stood up and basically this is what you saw, the top of boat going by, inbetween a bunch of heads.

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It was really a beautiful night, the weather was good and we stopped at the store before hand and picked up some little bottles of wine and we ended up having the best view of the fireworks.

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Next year, I will get there early to get a front row seat.