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Friday, July 01, 2005

Welcome to the Holiday Weekend!

Went to see the Lion King the other day, it was absolutely fabulous! I loved, loved, loved it. It was pretty funny too, there was this little girl sitting near me and she was the cutest thing. When Simba tried to roar loud she roared back. When Simba's dad died she was crying. It was not your typical audience. Elton John and Tim Rice have done it again.

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Also went to see A Doll House, which was also good. It was based on the Henrik Ibsen story, but very much adapted to play in Chicago as it takes place at Christmastime 2004 in Lincoln Park.

Happy Canada Day!

How did they sneak this in without me knowing? Today is a sad day in history, back in 1943 they started withholding income tax from our pay.

Damn it!


  • At 5:28 AM, Anonymous kristin said…

    Hey Paula! I think it's really cool the way the lion's eyes follow you around. I tried to make him cross-eyed. HA!


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