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Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm having an acid flashback

Someone told me about the blog of Joseph Edward Duncan III, the man accused of murdering 3 and kidnapping 2 children, one of which was recently rescued while dining with him at Denny's. I've always wondered what is going on the mind of such a person. The word is definatley out about this guys blog as he has over 1000 justly deserved comments.

Get your hands free devices ready, as of today, you cannot hold that cell phone while talking in Chicago.

Big Brother 6 is finally in full swing. They have a great twist this season. Everyone in the house has a friend in the house and each pair thinks they are the only ones with a friend in the house, should make for an interesting season. I can't tell much yet, only that I don't want Howie to win. There is a Big Brother Blog written by former house guests, most of them from last season.

There is another show that I watched the other day and I happened to notice that it is on 100 times this week on MTV. It's called the MTV 70's house. It is a total crackup. They took a bunch of kids and put them in what looks like the Brady Bunch house. They have to talk and dress and live like it was the 70's in order to win the prize. The facial expressions of the people when they see what they are in for is reason enough to watch. They have a phone with a dial, everyone once in a while when the intercom plays the Hustle they have to get up and dance. Wierd thing is I remember the 70's like it was yesterday. Not a single Robinson Crusoe its primitive as can be.


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