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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Where Rock Meets Bach

Just got back from a Classic Encounter evening. This is a great way to enjoy going to the symphony. They serve appetizers and wine before the show and Terri Hemmert, a DJ from WXRT here in Chicago, gives an informal talk on the background of and relationship between the concert being performed and more popular forms of music. Tonight we heard Brahms 4th symphony and 2 pieces from Benjamin Britten, who I never heard of before tonight.

On the way home from the concert, I walked through Millennium Park. It was still warm out and there were a ton of kids running through the fountain. They also have a very interesting exhibit in the park called Revealing Chicago, and ariel view of various sights in around Chicago and the suburbs. Click on the spots on the map to see the photo.

All that combined with seeing my friend Chris, which was long overdue made for a wonderful evening.

A friend of mine, Kathy, is trying to raise money to battle depression on a walk through the night called Out of the Darkness Overnight sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I wish her the best!

Now he's gonna cry, well at least he has sympathy for himself. If he only gets 6 years for killing his wife and unborn child than that is a crime too.

Look at this cutie monkey. check out the rest of the zoo pics from around the world too, about the first 20 pics are zoo pics.

I wish I had $2.9m to drop on the man in black's house.


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