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Friday, June 24, 2005

Let the tasting begin

So if a 4 hour cut in the work week creates 350,000 new jobs...why not create 700,000 new jobs instead. Go French.

Tuesday the new season of The Real World started. It just cracks me up what happens when you give 21 year olds alcohol.

My friend Laura and I took a half day off of work and went to the Taste of Chicago today, it was steaming hot. I had some tasty dishes, started with shrimp and vegetable tempura from Guey Lon, a very small portion of lobster cocktail from the Steakhouse Saloon, chicken satay and peanut sauce from Tiparos Thai Cuisine, and some Italian Ice from Mazzone's. The tempura nd the chicken satay were excellent and the portion size was very nice for the price! I did not check out L.L. Cool J, but I swear he hasn't done anything since his hit I Need Love back in the late 80's. Tomorrow I will go see Leann Rimes and Clint Black on Sunday and more food.


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