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Sunday, May 29, 2005


I'm hearing the same things over and over again. Eat a high fiber diet, eggs and berries, supplement with omega 3 fatty acids and avoid junk foods. 11 steps to a better brain. I saw this book on Oprah, You: The Owner's Manual. As I recall he said the same things.

Chicago's Arnold Morton from Morton Steakhouse fame passed away at age 83. He helped launch the Taste of Chicago, one of my favorite summer fests. I recently ate at Morton's for lunch it was the most expensive lunch I ever ate in my life.

We all make bad choices sometimes but these parents have totally lost it.

The Breakfast Club members will reunite at the MTV movie awards to air on June 9th. Maybe they are taking the time that Nine Inch Nails was supposed to take. I must have seen that movie a million times. Here's some Breakfast Club trivia.

Wouldn't you like to send a flower that smells like dirty gym socks or rotting meat to someone? Here is a site with some pics of the corpse flower. Who could I send that to? What a perfect way to say Love Stinks.

The number one beach in the US is.... somewhere in Florida.

It looks a little like a hurricane is going to hit, there has to be a better pic than this.

What is a segway? I wouldn't know.... I don't use them.


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