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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

And they're off

There have been commercials for an upcoming Oprah show, where Oprah says "Stedman and I have a deep dark family secret, we have a daughter, and she has a problem and I think it's my fault." I thought, how scandalous at first, then I guessed that she was probably referring to her dog.

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, coverage on NBC, 4pm CDT and Bellamy Road is the favorite to win. It's all about the hat. If you're not into hats, it's also all about the mint julep, I think make mine low carb. Looks like Arlington Park is opening on May 13th.

Today is the anniversary of The Haymarket Riot which took place at Randolph and Des Plaines, a few blocks west of the loop. A plaque marks the spot of the tragedy.

Today is also the anniversary of the Kent State shootings . Photo journalist shot of the University that day. This site shows pics of the four students that died that day. "Four dead in Ohio" (side note to Patti - remind you of anyone?)

What on God's green earth is an online casino going to do with Britney Spear's pregnancy test?


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