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Monday, April 11, 2005


My friend Dee got this cool looking tattoo! I like the tattoo but it sounds kinda painful to me. Dee is Cher's number 1 fan. I went with her to see Cher twice, we had awesome seats. I'm sure she is going to the April 16th show as well. I'm glad I finally saw Cher in concert she put on a great show, it was one of my all time favorite concerts. As a side note, look how cute Chastity is in this pic.

dee's tattoo Posted by Hello

Speaking of farewell...I'm probably the only person in the world that thinks that the Eagles suck. Farewell to you!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in Chicago. Went to breakfast at The Grand Lux Cafe. My favorite meal in the whole world is from there: Crispy Caramel Chicken, A vanilla bean martini and beignets for dessert. We walked around town to enjoy the weather and to pic up a few essentials. I picked up a great magazine for stuff around Chicago, they also have a website.

We also went to a great little store for "cheaper" hair care products called Bravco. Bring cash or a check, because they do not accept credit cards. The dollar stretcher says that salon products are not better than drug store products. I have to say that my hair looks better and feels better when I use the more expensive hair products such as Paul Mitchell or Biolage. I say whoever wrote that article did not have hair longer than an inch.

Yep, this guy is nuts. All that sensitivity training is working wonders for me....maybe I didn't get sensitivity training after all. It could just be in my head.

Charlie and the contest factory
To help launch its upcoming film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Warner Bros. is introducing a contest that mirrors the plot of the movie. A search for five Golden Tickets will begin in May and continue until April 2006 or until all the winning tickets have been found. The five grand prizes include a trip to Los Angeles and a tour of a video animation studio; a trip to a fantasy sports camp; a private shopping spree; a $10,000 check; and a European vacation for four. The film opens in July.


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