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Monday, April 25, 2005

Better late than never

Oprah had an interesting show on today entitled Around the World. It was all about stepping outside your box and getting to know other cultures. I learned a lot from Oprah today.

Have you heard of Bollywood? Of course then there must be a Aishwarya Rai, who was on Oprah today said that Indian women think American women are opinionated and divorce too frequently.
It is the norm to live with your parents until you are married, as does Aishwarya even though she is a considered the world's number one box office star. Arranged marriages are still common in India.

Holy smoke, Ireland has had two women presidents. Here's a list of women prime ministers and presidents, looks like the old forward thinking US is a little behind.

How's this for a different cultural view? Women from Belgium think American's don't eat nutritious food. But she was eating french fries with mayonnaise and Belgians produce 172,000 pounds of chocolate a year. Sounds the same to me.

If a woman from Iceland has sex at 15 she is not thought of as promiscuous. (Here either, unless your boyfriend tells everybody or you get caught.) Having sex when you first meet someone is the norm. It's not as big a deal there. The two delicacies that she brought for Oprah to try were Sour Lamb Balls and Rotten Shark. Oprah did not eat them. You cannot make a racist comment there or you could be fined or thrown in jail.

In Singapore it its illegal to jaywalk, to sell chewing gum, and to not flush a public toilet!

Why can't we all get along and do the cultural diversity shuffle?


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