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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

You can't always get what you want

I wanted to post some additional pictures from my trip but I can't seem to get them to load. Bummer. Maybe tomorrow it will work.

Dinosaur poo on view. No wonder its a big hit, free admission to the Crater Rock Museum!
Do you know your dinosaurs? You do not have to print this out and give it to your teacher, and its a good thing too, I scored 37.5 - I believe that is not a passing grade. Don't you wish they had the internet when we were going to school?

Only in Fargo. Why do you suppose they called the police?

I saw Steven Wright in Vegas last week with my friend Norm. We both enjoyed the show. Here are some quotes.

As I've told you before I do live under a rock, but it's a nice rock. I never heard of this before but last week I met two people that that talked about the Red Hat Society. Sounds like my kind of group they hold their conventions in Vegas. If you've seen ladies walking around in purple dresses and red hats then you've spotted some members. My friend Liz wants to start our own chapter, women under 50 wear lavender dresses and pink hats. We would be "Ladies in Waiting." Liz just wants to be Queen.


  • At 6:01 PM, Blogger Vince said…

    Woo hoo! I got 100% on the dino quiz. I'm a prehistoric rockstar!


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