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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It ends it on a high note

As of April 15th you will no longer be able to bring lighters on US flights, but matches are still allowed, hmmmm... Southwest Airlines released new software called Ding that will send alerts of exclusive offers and sales directly to you.

It is reported, but I find it hard to believe, that 30% of couples in the Philippines do not know where babies come from.

Still in the beyond comprehension category, but to a much deeper degree, here is the latest on the BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) guy. The scary thing about this guy is that he looks like a perfectly normal guy to me, they all do. My Tivo is filled with A&E stories of murder about normal looking people. It's clear that a lot of time is spent profiling the criminal mind. Links: Dr. Phil's 14 characteristics of serial killers, Court TV's Crime Library.

Ron Jeremy, former porn star, who recently appeared on The Surreal Life and who used to look like this, is posing nude, well sort of to help PETA get the word out to spay and neuter your pets. I'm all for that, I do, however enjoy a good steak and if you do too, don't spend too much time at the PETA site.

I feel I must end on a light note...Terragalleria
"Maybe we should develop a Crayola bomb as our next secret weapon. A
happiness weapon. A beauty bomb. And every time a crisis developed, we would
launch one. It would explode high in the air - explode softly - and send
thousands, millions, of little parachutes into the air. Floating down to earth -
boxes of Crayolas. And we wouldn't go cheap, either - not little boxes of eight.
Boxes of sixty-four, with the sharpener built right in. With silver and gold and
copper, magenta and peach and lime, amber and umber and all the rest. And people
would smile and get a little funny look on their faces and cover the world with
their imagination."
- Robert Fulghum


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