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Monday, March 07, 2005

Brand spanking new

I was watching Blue Hawaii starring my favorite, Elvis Presley. Just to show you how dated the movie is, Elvis spanks a teenager who was misbehaving. As well, there isn't a woman alive that would put up with his antics (well maybe if he was Elvis). He's kissed other girls in front of his girlfriend and told her he was almost always true while he was gone. These days someone would have told her "he's just not that into you." Angela Lansbury from Murder She Wrote fame, was only 10 years older than Elvis at the time this was filmed, she played his mother. Must have been a rude awakening for Angela. There were alot of good songs in the film. The trivia section says that you can hear fans screaming in the background when Elvis first appears in the doorway of the plane.

A First grader expelled because his mother wouldn't spank him. When we were kids, my mom used this on us. (see they are out of stock) I used to get them in my stocking at Christmas and in my Easter basket. A paddle ball with a Santa Claus on it, what a cruel joke. I don't know why I ever wanted one of these, as soon as the ball fell off....

There is a very odd movie that I watched recently with James Spader, he spanks his secretary. You can skip this one....

Fun snag from growabrain: need some prop blood? Bizarre stuff you can make in your kitchen
from fishbucket: remember Kaboom? (I couldn't get it to work very well on my pc, but it was fun for a couple minutes.)


  • At 5:01 PM, Anonymous Peanuts said…

    My Mom used the same 'paddle' on us as kids LOL !


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