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Friday, February 25, 2005

Tropical Topical

Maybe if I think tropical thoughts it will get warmer outside. Do you remember the movie Hello Down There? I can still sing the song in my head. "Pretty goldfish we could have a whale of a time...."I forgot about that movie until I read about this new hotel that is being built in the Bahamas that is submerged underwater! How cool is that. That puts me in the mood for some Sugar Free cocktails. I just ordered the Lemon Drop, the Cosmo, and the Sour Apple martini mixers. And these will have to do because I'm too cheap to pay $1500 a night at an underwater hotel no matter how cool it is.

What I really need is this! I originally saw it at Christmastime and it cracked me up, I guess it finally cracked me up enough to buy it, and I got to use my online coupon that I posted yesterday. My friend and co-worker Liz likes this for her cat Skippy. Kinda cute huh!

Liz's pride and joy, Skippy Posted by Hello

In the news today -- Hey that's my sperm, no it's my sperm! (See what I find important?)


  • At 5:48 PM, Anonymous veegee said…

    Love the tiki tissue box! Skippy's a good looking cat.


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