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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Randolph & Michigan, and Wisconsin

Found this cool website with tons of info, The American Memory. There is a section called on this date in history. In the Cities, Towns section they have 55,000 photos from The Chicago Daily News during the time period of 1902-1933. Looking through the photos, I came across this one, which happens to be the corner that I live on. It looks so different, I can't really figure out what the vantage point of the picture is.

Randolph and Michigan Ave 1902-1933

I don't really have a pic at street level but I took this one in January from my window.

Randolph and Michigan 2005 Posted by Hello

Found some other cool sites with Chicago pics - Gapers Block, Chicago Uncommon, Chicago, Illinois

Check your pockets for Wisconsin quarters, if you find one with an extra leaf like this, they say it could be worth up to $600. Or you could plunk all your Wisconsin quarters into this and it could be worth this.


  • At 6:37 AM, Anonymous Kim said…

    Great blog you have here Paula! A lot of good reading.

  • At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Paula dear

    The photo in question would be showing randolph street west bound at the intersection of Michigan.

    Glad to be of help



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