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Monday, February 28, 2005


I won the office Oscar pool! I chock it all up to my extensive knowledge of short films and documentaries. Besides winning, my favorite part of the show last night was when they played the clips from when Johnny Carson hosted the Oscars.

"Welcome to the Academy Awards, a glittering two hours of entertainment,
spread out over four hours
." -- Johnny Carson

However, the best Oscar moment ever, of all time, The Streaker!

I'm glad that Morgan Freeman won an Oscar for his role in Million Dollar Baby. However, I'll always remember him for the role I first saw him in. Careful this one is Noisy --> We're Gonna Turn It On... My most vivid memory of that show was the two silhouetted faces looking at each other putting together words. The first face would say the first part of a word like "sh" and then the other face would say the second half of the word "ip" then they would both say "ship" and there was some kind of groovy music in the background. Take a look at the list of people on that show! Pretty soon I'm going to have to change the name of my blog to Reminisce.

Ok, I never watch American Idol, but my TiVo had been sitting idle and it switched to live TV for a minute and what was on was a guy named Bo Bice, he was singing Whipping Post originally done by the Allman Brothers. Wow, he was great! My official prediction, without seeing any of the other contestants is that he will be the winner.

A little bit of business: A new federal law requires that everyone is allowed one free credit report from each of the top agencies. They are rolling out the availability in groups. Tomorrow the upper midwest section (see map on website) will be able to print their credit reports online for free.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sparked My Memory

Remember the He-Man Women Haters Club? I used to love watching the Little Rascals when I was a kid. What brought that up? In the news, a homeless Las Vegas man was sentenced 40 years for killing Pinky from The Little Rascals in 2002. Reading further, I found out that back in 1959, Alfalfa was shot in an argument over a hunting dog. Waldo, was hit by a hit-and-run driver in in 2002. Breezy committed suicide in 1981. Here are some updates on other cast members. And I totally forgot that Robert Blake was in the Little Rascals. Let's get back to happier thoughts.

Interesting snags: from Bacon and Eh's: The Great Canadian Trivia Shootout, today's post on that blog is interesting - check it out to find out about the mystery envelope on Ebay. More Chicago Pics from Chicago Snapshot, From growabrain pretty pictures of Harbin Ice and Snow World and an album from Reginald Dwight check him out if you don't know who he is, I hear he's the next big thing!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Randolph & Michigan, and Wisconsin

Found this cool website with tons of info, The American Memory. There is a section called on this date in history. In the Cities, Towns section they have 55,000 photos from The Chicago Daily News during the time period of 1902-1933. Looking through the photos, I came across this one, which happens to be the corner that I live on. It looks so different, I can't really figure out what the vantage point of the picture is.

Randolph and Michigan Ave 1902-1933

I don't really have a pic at street level but I took this one in January from my window.

Randolph and Michigan 2005 Posted by Hello

Found some other cool sites with Chicago pics - Gapers Block, Chicago Uncommon, Chicago, Illinois

Check your pockets for Wisconsin quarters, if you find one with an extra leaf like this, they say it could be worth up to $600. Or you could plunk all your Wisconsin quarters into this and it could be worth this.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Tropical Topical

Maybe if I think tropical thoughts it will get warmer outside. Do you remember the movie Hello Down There? I can still sing the song in my head. "Pretty goldfish we could have a whale of a time...."I forgot about that movie until I read about this new hotel that is being built in the Bahamas that is submerged underwater! How cool is that. That puts me in the mood for some Sugar Free cocktails. I just ordered the Lemon Drop, the Cosmo, and the Sour Apple martini mixers. And these will have to do because I'm too cheap to pay $1500 a night at an underwater hotel no matter how cool it is.

What I really need is this! I originally saw it at Christmastime and it cracked me up, I guess it finally cracked me up enough to buy it, and I got to use my online coupon that I posted yesterday. My friend and co-worker Liz likes this for her cat Skippy. Kinda cute huh!

Liz's pride and joy, Skippy Posted by Hello

In the news today -- Hey that's my sperm, no it's my sperm! (See what I find important?)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Girl Stuff - Boy Stuff

Channel 5 in Chicago said this is a "best kept secret". I checked it out and it acutally looks useful. I've bought things from some of the stores on here. These are coupon codes for online shopping. Includes Target and among others.

These are the cutest purses by Lesportsac and Gwen Stefani. You can pick the style you want, then pick the design you want.

A little he said-she said.

(This is where the boy stuff starts) I don't know how I got in this mood, but here is some Gross Stuff. Everything you wanted to know about bad breath, earwax and more!

Interesting snag: It's so hard being a guy, here are The Men Commandments. Funny stuff.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Fun and Games

Fun and Games Posted by Hello

The Oscars are coming
Who wants to play bingo this sunday while watching the oscars?

Interesting snag: Check this guy out. I guess you have to give him credit for coming up with a gimic like this, but it's hard to believe that people are paying him.

Try this - Mr Jacko Head or this Kan han blive grimmere? JA HAN KAN! (whatever that is)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Change is bad

I know its only a cartoon, but its Bugs Bunny! Look what they did to him! Loonatic? I don't like it. They are the lunatics.

The Queen says "I am not amused." Well, it might have been what she said... It's scandalous.

Top 10 trends from the Consumer Electronics Show. Nothing overly exciting here. I guess I'm happy enough with my regular old TV for now. I do enjoy a new toy now and then, but I do like my Tivo and my iPod, they seem to be doing the job.

What I downloaded today for my ipod
Laid - James
Creepin' In - Norah Jones and Dolly Parton
The Reason - Hoobastank
On The Way Down - Ryan Cabrera
Oh Happy Day - Lawrence Welk (I know, its a long story and it involves Howie Mandel)

What's on my Tivo
Desperate Housewives, of course! What is with Zach? He's gonna flip out in a big way any episode now.
Northern Exposure, I love this show. They have the best quirky characters. I'm so glad that the Hallmark channel is replaying it. I would love to visit Cicely, except I don't think it exists.
Medium, very interesting show, but I blew it off this week because I've had enough war crap to last a lifetime, maybe next week will be better.

Interesting snag from Fishbucket: Pics of odd buildings, funny t-shirt (who couldn't have used this at one time in their lives)

Monday, February 21, 2005

I live under a rock

Blogs, never heard of them till my friend Kristine told me about them, then I started seeing them everywhere. People are getting fired for writing in their blogs. My mom taught me if you have something you don't want people to know, don't write it down. Thanks mom, I'll try to remember that.

Hunter Thompson killed himself. Who? He writes in a style called Gonzo Journalism. Huh? What is that? More of that living under a rock stuff surfacing.

How dumb can someone be? You don't let someone you just got into a fight with tie you up....

Woman Charged With Cutting Off Boyfriend's Penis
Severed Body Part Flushed Down Toilet
POSTED: 5:55 am CST February 21, 2005
ANCHORAGE -- Police in Alaska say a woman upset about an impending breakup with her boyfriend cut off his penis and flushed it down a toilet.
Utility workers recovered the severed body part and surgeons reattached it.
The woman is charged with first-degree assault, domestic violence and tampering with evidence. She's being held without bail pending arraignment Monday.
Police in Anchorage say the couple argued Saturday night. But at some point they decided to have sex and the man agreed to have his arms tied above their bed.
After the attack, police say the woman untied the man and drove him to the hospital. Officers arriving later at the couple's home found the woman cleaning up the bloody scene.

What I had here was a post to the Wall Street Journal artice about hating Sunday nights because all I think about is having to go to work. After reading something on another blog I realized that you can't go to old links on the WSJ without paying, so I edited this post and took the link off. I still hate Sunday nights...

Lots of info getting into the wrong hands...

Hundreds of private celebrity phone numbers and e-mail addresses were posted on the Internet Sunday after a hacker apparently broke into a T-mobile Sidekick owned by Paris Hilton. The hacker also posted diary entries and photos that were stored on Hilton's Sidekick (a combination cell phone, camera, Web browser and digital organizer), including what appear to be images of Hilton kissing a woman. "T-mobile is currently investigating," T-mobile USA spokesman Peter Dobrow said Sunday. An FBI spokesman would not confirm reports that the bureau is also investigating.

Poor Paris, but this is really bad and I bet sensitive info is leaked all the time.

Confidential AIDS patient list e-mailed
Items compiled from Tribune news services
Published February 21, 2005
WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- A confidential list of 4,500 southeast Florida residents with AIDS and 2,000 others who are HIV-positive was e-mailed inadvertently to more than 800 county health workers, officials said.An employee accidentally attached a file Thursday listing names and addresses, said Tim O'Connor of the Palm Beach County Health Department.O'Connor said it appears about 10 people opened the message before the e-mail system was shut down. "We have already contacted most" of the recipients and will reach the others Monday, he said.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Here we go...

A very special thanks to Anne at Fishbucket for her help in getting me started. I chose the name Brimborion Brew, brimborion meaning "A thing without value or use" because I intend post things that likely, will have no particular value other than to humor me.

Links - interesting rock and roll trivia pages, Yesterday I saw and do not recommend Constantine unless your nephew likes you more for taking him, some other blogs I like to read -GrinsNLaughter,, ingrown brain stem

T-26 days to Vegas! Found this blog with some Vegas pics Travel/Leisure. I wouldn't mind finding that dessert case with the chocolate cup in it.

Watched Ray today and I must say I was quite surprised about the life he led. This movie does not paint a very pretty picture of the life of Ray Charles. I guess it should get points for being honest. I didn't know much about him prior to watching the movie. I did like the movie, but I think I might have liked this movie more if it spent a longer time showing the later years after he had overcome his problems. I don't know, I guess I'm a sucker for a happy ending where the hero is shining bright. This had a little of that but it could have used more.

Originality is the art of concealing your sources.
- Unknown.